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April 10 2014

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April 03 2014


Friends alternate ending: Monica dies. Chandler goes back to Janice. 

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March 10 2014

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Samiec alfa
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March 02 2014

netscape logo - one of the oldest gifs i know
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February 13 2014


System update time!

Starting today, this weekend, we will try to migrate soup.io to an updated version of the Ruby on Rails platform (one of the programming frameworks soup is using).

This has nothing to do with new features or anything like that though - it's a purely technical matter that has been a problem for a few years now ("technical debt", for those in the know).

But it's the most important step to bringing you a better experience, new features (beyond the smaller ones which we sneaked in there in the past half year or so) and pixie dust. So bear with us, we've put a lot of time and energy into it the past months, and we're reasonably sure that this can work ;)

We'll try to do it gradually, so if there are any deal breaking bugs, it should affect only a few, randomly selected users, and to those that have been chosen, we salute you! Also pity. But mostly, salute.

We'd appreciate if you could voice any concerns/observations/bug reports with a post @kitchen, or, if even that doesn't work anymore, on our getsatisfaction page.

Thanks a bunch in advance for your patience.

Let's do this thing.
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February 06 2014


Pulp Fiction (1994) (via normasjeanes)

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January 30 2014

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January 27 2014

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January 16 2014

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January 10 2014

Lars Krismes

January 09 2014

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January 08 2014

Noise Tales bemoan the gone vacation!
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January 07 2014

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January 06 2014

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The most evil thing I've seen for a long time.
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Just a reminder. This is how we’re all supposed to dress next year. 

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December 22 2013

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December 21 2013

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